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Jimmy Dimora- still mysteriously in county jail, family and attorney visits only

Jimmy Dimora Jimmy Dimora

We've found convicted Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora still sitting in the 'county' jail weeks after getting brought back from 'federal' prison. So we investigated who's going to visit him.

Dimora is serving 28 years in federal prison for his role in a government corruption scandal.

Last month, we reported he mysteriously was brought back to the county jail. The reason has never been formally announced, but justice center sources believe he was brought back to go before a grand jury for more corruption investigation. 

A spokesman for the county jail has confirmed Dimora is still here, so we requested Dimora's county jail visitation log. It shows visits from attorneys and relatives.

Lawyers visited Dimora on August 23, 26 and 29.

Relatives have visited August 30, and September 6.

The county jail has received lots of requests from others claiming to be friends, but they have not been allowed.

A jail spokesman has told us, the jail is only allowing visits from relatives and "professional" visits, lawyers for instance.

Not clear though if those rules are simply the sheriff's, or if they've been spelled in an order from a judge. We've requested paperwork from multiple agencies spelling out the terms of Dimora's visit.

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