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Hit and run driver leaves biker in the street to die

Bishoy Gaid (Source: Friends) Bishoy Gaid (Source: Friends)

A biker is in the hospital after he nearly lost several fingers and suffered serious leg injuries during a motorcycle accident.

And the driver responsible, just vanished after the crash.

Ask any biker and he or she will tell they get no respect on the road. Sometimes, the disregard for their rights turns into a life changing event. That's what happened to Bishoy Gaid over the weekend.

"Went over there and took his helmet off of him and I saw his hand and his leg where they weren't supposed to be," said Bruce Brown.

Bruce Brown saw the horrific hit/skip accident around 1:00 am Sunday morning. Bishoy Gaid was making a run to the store eastbound on Kinsman. At East 121 some heartless driver plowed into his motorcycle.

"I was looking out the window right here at the shop and happened to see a white or silver Impala come up the street and tried to go around a guy on a motorcycle, clipped him, smashed him off the motorcycle. I saw him slide down there," added Brown.

If it had not been for Brown, his biker buddies would not have known what happened or that he was rushed to Metro. About 20 of them were having a cabaret down the street.

"He was sideswiped and so when he fell he fell forward and cut three of his fingers real bad, deep down to the bone. He was rushed to Metro. Now he has three metal rods down his leg. When he fell it broke and ripped through his skin," said Jason Woods.

"There was no reason to cut him off or pass him left of center. There's another lane here. It's a four lane road," said William Ramirez.

"He was the bread winner of his family now he has to figure out what to do with this. Somebody didn't take the time to stop to see if he was okay -- left him in the street to die," said Patrick Simon.

Bishoy Gaid is still recovering at Metro. 

If you have any information give Crime Stoppers a call.

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