Mayor Caldwell answers viewer questions in 'Ask The Mayor'

Kirk Caldwell: 'Ask the Mayor' Part 1

(Editors Note: Between his appearances on Hawaii News Now Sunrise on Monday, Mayor Caldwell answered more of the viewer questions that were posted to our Facebook page. His answers can be found below, with each question posted directly from Facebook. Mayor Caldwell will return to Sunrise each month for another "Ask The Mayor" segment to answer your questions from Facebook.)

Rox Anne M Lee:
STOP raising OUR Taxes Car Registration Gasoline taxes Property Taxes Beverage Taxes Water Sewage we are all ready paying more taxes for food Why are you continue to increase it Our Kupunas are suffering they paid their Dues there is no Free Programs for them anymore we are living pay checks to pay checks...the voters believed in you there is No Progress from your Administration you Cut the BS and repair our roads parks sewage Before The Building the Rail....

Mayor Caldwell:
We are repairing our roads and are on pace to exceed our target of 300 lane miles this year and pave more roads than ever before. The cost of government continues to go up, and people such as yourself demand that government services remain strong. I am very sensitive to the burden this places on our taxpayers and am looking for ways to find fairness and equity in what we do in this area.

Wanda Kamauoha:
We're a little island in the middle of the pacific and very over crowded. our traffic can vouch for that. A rail will do nothing to help our overcrowded island. when will someone get tough and put a population cap here? that would be the best way to help our big traffic problem. NO MORE PEOPLE to move and live here.

Mayor Caldwell:
Being part of the United States, we are prohibited from keeping people from moving here, therefore, the only way to manage more people living on a crowded island is to become more sustainable and live with a smaller footprint. I believe rail is about a smaller footprint and allows us to increase our capacity to move people around our island without paving over more of our 'aina with concrete.

Alika Kalahiki:
How will rail help the whole island? If it starts in kapolei and ends at ala moana? How will it help the windward commuters goin over the Pali? Or driving around hawaii Kai? Would the rail really help the traffic? Studies show 11% will ride rail compared to 9% on public transportation. Is spending all this money on rail worth a 2% difference?

Mayor Caldwell:
Rail will help concentrate and focus development in our urban core and preserve our outlying lands for agriculture and open space. By 2030, 60% of the people on this island will live in the urban core, and that's where I want to see development occur so that the rest of the island can live the lifestyle they currently enjoy.

Jackie Ku:
Da issue with Smokin @ Da beaches. I understand Dat Peepz who smokes liters n Dats Jus Nails. But don't u think making sure Ur park workers keep Da parks clean first. Goin to a park on a Easter Sunday 3 times In a row garbage weren't picked Up. Bathrooms was nasty. My Ohana n I would bag, stack Da Opala n shoot Da bathrooms down, so Dat way it looks decent. Don't start something new Wen Ur workers who getting paid ain't committed on Dea work days to uphold Da cleaning of parks.

Mayor Caldwell:
As you know, I signed into law bills that will prohibit smoking on our beaches, at parks and at bus stops. This island-wide ban on smoking in public spaces will help protect people's health and insure that our environment is clean and that marine and bird life do not ingest cigarette butts. I think we should all remain proud of the fact that we are one of the most progressive places in the nation in terms of banning smoking in public places. In addition, we are making every effort to better maintain our parks. There is need for improvement, and I am putting focus in that area.

George Bayot:
Save the banyan trees in the International Marketplace...Historical site!

Mayor Caldwell:
The banyan tree at the International Market Place WILL be preserved and will be a focal point of the development going up around it. I am passionate about trees and want to see them thrive in as many places as I can around the island.

Sandy Tuinei:
What's the mayors thoughts on same sex marriage? Shouldn't voting for such an important matter be up to the public and not in a special session? Same sex marriage issue should be left to public voting.

Mayor Caldwell:
We live in a representative democracy as created by our founders. That means the people we elect are the ones who vote on controversial issues. This form of democracy came about as a result of our founders watching the French Revolution. I believe the decision should be left up to our legislature, and I believe they should view the issue as a civil rights issue and support marriage equality.

Edgardo Diaz:
Does the city and county of Honolulu has a law or something that regulate all those "moped's owners" for making noise???? there are many annoying people running their stupid moped at night on my neighborhood.

Mayor Caldwell:
This is an ongoing problem around our island. The legislature has passed laws on noise pollution of this type. The issue becomes one of enforcement. Our police officers need to be in the place where the moped is making the noise to measure how loud it is using a device that not all police officers have in their possession. I will continue to push forward on trying to get better control of regulating noise pollution by mopeds and other vehicles.

Dayton Ho:
Can We Get A Race Track ? ... Before , Someone Gets Killed !!!

Mayor Caldwell:
I support building a racetrack somewhere on the island so that those who like to drive fast have a place to do so without endangering the rest of us on our county roads.

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