Fisheries enforcement unit cites Maui violators

KAHULUI, Hawaii (AP) - The state's new Community Fisheries Enforcement Unit has issued 12 citations for fishing violations in waters off Maui since it launched operations in the spring.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources said Wednesday the violations including the use of prohibited lay nets, catching undersized opihi, kumu and hee and using a prohibited net in the Kahului Fisheries Management Area.

Officers also retrieved two unattended illegal lay nets and one unattended illegal throw net.

While off-duty, the unit supervisor observed spearfishing violations and coordinated a response so the violator was apprehended and cited.

The unit patrols a 13-mile stretch of north Maui coastline from Hulu Island to Baldwin Beach Park.

The department says the first-of-its kind unit includes three officers. The department hopes to establish additional units statewide.

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