Toddler falls 20 feet from apartment window

Toddler falls 20 feet from apartment window

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A toddler was rushed to the hospital in serious condition after falling from the 4th floor window of an Ala Moana area apartment building.

Emergency officials at the scene said the 3-year-old is expected to be alright, and his family is fortunate he landed on a concrete awning about 20 feet below and not the sidewalk.

William Rodrigues Kaiwa was heading to the bus stop when he heard a woman's cries.

"I was walking up this road and I just heard screaming and so I just ran across the street, and she was kind of pointing down from the third or fourth window," described the Hawai'i Island man.

Drew Tandale, who was going to the gym, heard the same screams.

"It was a little scary, I mean, at first I didn't know if someone was fighting or if someone dropped something.  I didn't know what was going on, and then when I heard it was a baby that fell – that was really scary," described Tandale.

Both men sprang into action.

"I look and couldn't see nobody here, so I thought gotta be on the ledge.  I grabbed the tree and grabbed the ledge and pushed myself up and and said, "Oh yeah!' Had one baby," described Kaiwa.

That's when Kaiwa says he hoisted Tandale onto the cement awning.

"We just tried to make sure he was okay and that he didn't move until the police came," Tandale explained.

It is unclear how the 3-year-old boy fell – or who was with him at the time.

"When they were taking him down on the stretcher he was still breathing, moving around a little bit, but he was crying and he was bleeding.  A little bruised on his face.  They say he might have hurt his hand or his arm," described Tandale.

Emergency responders say caretakers need to be especially careful with kids near windows or on patios.

"Move everything away from the windows or any kind of opening that the child could fall and get hurt through.  In apartment buildings and such you want to move the beds, the furniture, any boxes, toys, anything that the kid could either climb on or stack to get out of.  You have to assume they're going to do it, and you know, kids will be kids but the most we can do is take every precaution that we can," explained Kelly Yamamoto, Emergency Medical Services District Chief. 

"It's definitely a tragic event that we hope is never repeated," Yamamoto said.

Police on the scene say they will be pulling surveillance video to get a clearer picture of what happened.

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