GMO Bill, Arson Cases, Ariel Castro Found Dead

Good morning, Sunrisers!

Genetically modified organisms are back on the table on the Big Island. There will be a meeting today to consider a new bill that would ban even existing GMO's in Hawaii County. Details on Sunrise.

Found dead in his cell, Ariel Castro is believed to have committed suicide in his jail cell in Ohio. He's the man sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years for kidnapping, raping and holding hostage 3 women in Cleveland.

Tall people problems, this is not something I'm familiar with at the height of 5'3''. However, our social media producer Ian Scheuring is 6'7'' and he brings us today's viral video in our 7am hour.

There can never be too many pirates! If you were watching yesterday, you may have noticed we had an abundance of eye patches and bandanas on set. It was accidental, but it made for some fun moments. We'll put together a montage today of the best moments.

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