Opulent Hamakua Coast home listed for $26.5M

Opulent Hamakua Coast home listed for $26.5M

HILO, Hawaii (AP) - A Hilo developer and his business partner have turned a former macadamia nut orchard into a $26.5-million home that's so opulent it bears the grandiose name of "Waterfalling Estate."

The 8,100-square-foot home is nestled between two naturally occurring waterfalls at the edge of a 250-foot cliff along the Hamakua Coast.

Hawaii Tribune-Herald described Thursday features that include a three-helicopter landing pad on the roof, a 450-seat tennis stadium, a 250-millon gallon Olympic infinity pool and a two-story waterslide. The inside boasts an elevator, Japanese-style open showers and a guest suite with two walls that are sliding glass doors that can completely recede to provide the feeling of sleeping in the outdoors.

Developer Scott Watson says the home shows the potential for ultra-high-end residences on the Hamakua Coast.

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