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City prosecutor defends decision in Deedy trial

Keith Kaneshiro Keith Kaneshiro
Janice Futa Janice Futa

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A day after the judge declared a mistrial in the Christopher Deedy murder case, Honolulu's city prosecutor defended the lack of a manslaughter option. Keith Kaneshiro said he approved the second-degree murder charge, but added that the decision was ultimately up to the judge since even without a prosecution request, the trial court must instruct jurors on any lesser included offense when there is a "rational basis" in evidence. Judge Karen Ahn said she couldn't find any evidence of reckless manslaughter. Kaneshiro indicated that he agreed with her finding, but when asked whether his office would pursue manslaughter in the re-trial, he did not rule out the possibility.

"I can't say what we'll be doing because we don't know what evidence will be presented. You have to determine what evidence is presented at the trial. What evidence is presented will determine what kind of instructions you will ask for," said Kaneshiro.

When questioned about not handling the high-profile case himself, Kaneshiro praised deputy prosecutor Janice Futa and her team.

"If I did not have confidence in Jan, she would not have been assigned the case. She's an excellent trial attorney. She's done, like I said, many murder cases and she did an excellent job," Kaneshiro said.

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