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Study says Honolulu drivers among worst in nation

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Driver beware. An Allstate Insurance study of cities with safest drivers ranks Honolulu 128th out of 200.

"Not surprised" says Unibodytech Auto Collision Center Manager Mike Chong. "We see accidents everyday. I'd say we average 10-15 appointments just for estimates. It's constantly busy."

Chong's Mapunapuna body shop is full of cars involved in minor fender benders or major crashes.

According to the Allstate study, drivers in Honolulu are likely to be in an accident every 8 years.

That's 15 percent greater odds than the safest city, Fort Collins, Colorado. Drivers there have a collision every 14 years on average.

Chong believes our statistics would be worse if we looked at crashes when claims weren't filed, saying, "With our traffic and stop and go traffic, we always see them bump into cars in front of them and so forth."

The study finds 70 percent of claims are the result of collisions in stop-and-go traffic under 35 miles an hour.

DTRIC Senior Claims Examiner Marc Kodani has his hands full appraising all the banged up cars. "There's a lot of accidents. The Claims office gets very busy on a Monday" explains Kodani. "Daily, it's about 8 cars per day, maybe couple of total losses per day."

While anyone behind the wheel may grumble about how bad Honolulu drivers are, those in the business, have proof.

Chong adds, "We hate to see the returning clients coming back but accidents happen. A lot."

To see the report, click HERE.


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