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Dave Shoji: The Man Behind The Miracles

Every year since 1975 the University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine Volleyball team has made miracles.  Four national championships, four decades of back-to-back winning seasons, building what is arguably the most loyal fan base of any sports team in Hawaii, and in the process developing the only women's college volleyball team that actually makes money for its university.  The players come and go, and there have been many great ones, but one person has been the thread, the core, the common denominator through this unprecedented, 38-year dynasty—head coach Dave Shoji. 

With more than 1,100 victories under his belt, Dave Shoji is poised to break the all-time collegiate volleyball win record early next season.  Throughout this unprecedented career he has been consistent, even-keeled, tenacious, highly-focused, and unfailingly dedicated.  He has also been a mystery—stoic, reticent, a man of few words.  His television interviews have been filled with information about the game, but almost nothing about the man.  His public "game face" masks the many emotions that run deep beneath the surface.

"Dave Shoji: The Man Behind The Miracles" is the first television special to tell the story of Dave Shoji the man.  Through intimate interviews with the people closest to him—his family, former and current players, fellow coaches, and dear friends—a portrait of the man behind the clipboard emerges.  Also for the first time, Dave Shoji gets to tell his life story, his journey from childhood, to student athlete, to coach, to the driving force behind a major sports franchise.

What kind of person does it take to maintain such a successful program for so long?   What kind of man does it take to win so consistently for almost forty years?  What is his approach to coaching, to his players, to his family, and to life?  Find out, and relive some great Wahine Volleyball moments, with "Dave Shoji: The Man Behind The Miracles".

Dave Shoji: The Man Behind The Miracles - Thursday 9 p.m. on KGMB


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