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Gibson Co. parent say bus driver left unconscious student unattended

Parents of a Tri-State student say their son's bus driver left him in the middle of the road unconscious.

Those parents say it happened last week, but they tell us that more needs to be done to make sure this never happens again.

Mandria Wheatley says the incident involves her seven-year-old son, Calin, who attends North Gibson Elementary School.

She says she met with school officials Thursday, but isn't satisfied with their response.

Calin's mother says it all started on Wednesday while Calin was on the bus.

She says he's acted up on the bus before, but this was something different. He started to cry because he felt sick and overheated.

When the driver pulled up to Calin's stop, his older brother had to help him down the stairs before he stumbled to the parking lot and passed out. He was unconscious for about 20 minutes.

Neighbors that were outside ran to his aid and called 911. They told Calin's parents the bus driver drove away.

"My child could have laid in the parking lot and died if nobody would have seen him," said Mandria.

Calin was taken to St. Mary's by ambulance. The hospital says he was dehydrated.

His parents say he is now riding a different bus with air conditioning, but Mandria says that's not enough.

She met with school officials on Thursday, hoping they'll take some sort of action so that something like this never happens again.

"I want the bus drivers to be aware of when a child is in distress, or sick, that they need to focus a little bit more on just that child," said Mandria. "I'm sure he's not the only bus driver that doesn't know what to do in an emergency situation."

Those who witnesses the incident, both neighbors and students, say they still can't believe it.

"What if no one was outside? That little boy had to try to get his brother there with no adults out here," said a neighbor.

North Gibson Superintendent Dr. Brian Harmon says the busses are safe. Harmon says he can't say much because he is bound by privacy laws and can't reveal any specific information regarding what happened last Wednesday. 

Harmon does admit that something happened and the school is currently investigating. 

Harmon wants people to know that sometimes initial incident reports are not completely accurate. He says parents aren't bound by any laws  and can say whatever they wish. 

The school is talking to adults, students, staff, anyone who can contribute any kind of knowledge about what happened when Calin rode the bus home that day. 

No matter how the situation pans out, Harmon is confident that his schools are safe and says students don't need to worry when they're riding the bus. 

14 News spoke with the bus driver, Tony Hensley, on Sunday. With the issue ongoing, he has no comment.

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