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Spurrier's Keys to Success? Preparation, preparation, preparation


South Carolina Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier has just a few keys to success when it comes to winning games.

It's all about preparation, a solid game plan, and knowing you could get beat by your opponent every week.

"That's all we can do, and if we're good enough, it'll take care of itself in wins and losses. If we're not good enough, we can lose a lot of games," said Spurrier.

That being said, the preparation is also his biggest concern. And fumbles.

"And make sure we don't fumble the ball every play almost like we did at Florida last year," said Spurrier. "We always worry, gosh, we don't want to go out there and fumble and give the game away before we even get started."

With the Gamecocks getting the season started next week, Spurrier says he's also getting used to a heightened level of excitement from a fanbase that has never seen success like the past three seasons.

"We've got a chance for a big year," said Spurrier, "but I don't know what's going to happen. As coaches, we're really trying to get our guys concerned to just try and get them to play the best we can. You know if somebody pats you on the back every day for four months, then you can be complacent and you think you're better than you are, so our job as coaches is to make sure our guys are ready to play and know we can get beat."

The fanbase is also getting used to a Spurrier that appears to have found his trademark swagger after a few winning seasons in Columbia. After all, Spurrier at Florida was well known for entertaining press conferences and being seemingly unafraid to throw a few pointed verbal jabs at his opponents. But believe it or not, the Head Ball Coach says he doesn't have much to talk about. 

"Most of the little comments we had back then were in the summer when you did the booster clubs. I'm only doing about six a year now. Six or eight. At Florida, I did about 20 a year, and that's what you did at the booster clubs. They wanted to hear something funny about your opponent and so forth," said Spurrier.

In fact, Spurrier says he's not as much of a wisecracker as he is portrayed to be.

"I don't do that much, but if somebody makes a wisecrack about me, it doesn't bother me a bit, so I don't know if I say something a little different than other coaches, it's just conversation; it's just talk. Preseason talk doesn't mean a lot," said Spurrier. 

With the offseason coming to a close and plenty of preseason hype from the national media guys, Spurrier's preparation of this team could be just what it takes to take this team to places they has never been before.

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