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Historian returns old postcard to Kauai

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - A postcard sent from Kauai to Kansas in 1907 is back on the island.

The Garden Island reports Florida author and historian Ginger Pedersen acquired the card and sent it to the Kauai Museum, where she's a board member.

The postcard was written by Francis Gay, co-founder of the Gay & Robinson cattle ranch and sugar plantation, to U.S. Rep. Philip P. Campbell of Kansas.

The postcard shows a sailboat sailing toward "Cocoanut Island" in Kaneohe Bay.

Gay wrote, "With aloha nui from us all and wishing you a very pleasant trip."

Kauai Museum curator Chris Faye says she recognizes Gay's signature.

She says Campbell likely was in Hawaii around August 1907 working with a film crew. She says the first movie in Hawaii features congressional people.

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