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Autopsy report reveals no foul play in inmate death


Preliminary autopsy results revealed no foul play in the death of an East Texas jail inmate.

Debra Duffie, 52, died Sunday at a Longview hospital.

She was booked into the Gregg County Jail for a violation of probation for an assault family violence charge.

Justice of the Peace B. H. Jameson, ordered an autopsy to be performed at the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office. Marc A. Krouse, MD performed the autopsy on Duffie August 20, 2013. 

In the report, the medical examiner wrote there were no signs of notable trauma or foul play. He said the cause of Duffie's death is still undetermined, pending the results of a toxicology screening.

In the preliminary report, the medical examiner said Duffie had superficial trauma; contusions on her scalp, abdomen and lower extremities, but no internal injuries were identified.

He said Duffie also suffered from cirrhosis, which is when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue, eventually preventing the liver from functioning properly. Duffie also had hypertensive heart disease with severe coronary atherosclerosis, which is the build up of plaque in the arteries. Krouse also reported she had hydronephrosis, or the swelling of a kidney.

Toxicology screens have been ordered, but Gregg County officials said it could be weeks before we get those results.

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