Shark Study, Na Koa Fundraiser, Trashy Wave

Good morning, Sunrisers!

Shark study

The state plans to study tiger sharks around Maui in the wake of the recent spike in attacks. Researchers will start the two year study in September. The focus is on the Valley Isle because the majority of the recent attacks have happened in that area.

Na Koa Fundraiser

Want to support the University of Hawaii football team? Watch tonight on KFVE from 7pm to 10pm for interviews from Coach Norm Chow and former players. Steve Uyehara, Mike Cherry and Mark Carpenter will host the fundraising event.

Trashy Wave

Considered one of the best surf photographers in the world, Zak Noyle's pictures are featured in Surf Magazine. What he has captured is at once beautiful and disturbing - trash choking the waves in Indonesia. We'll show you the images while we talk to him live.

Hope to see you!