Shark Attack, Deedy, And More!

Good Morning, Sunrisers!

Big Island Shark Attack - 16 year old surfer Jimmy Napeahi is in stable condition this morning after being bitten on both his legs. Officials say an 8 foot shark attacked him from behind when he was catching a wave near the Pohoiki boat ramp. We're monitoring conditions, but beaches in that area of Hawaii County remain closed.

Deedy Verdict - It's possible that the federal agent could be convicted of murder or acquitted of all charges some time today. We're on Deedy watch. When the jury decides, turn to Hawaii News Now on-air and online at for the latest.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 - Inventor Flint Lockwood is in trouble again. He's tapping his friends for help against his notorious creation that caused it to rain cheeseburgers and stir up spaghetti tornadoes. This time, he and meteorologist Sam Sparks are fighting against food animals or "foodimals". Both characters will be on the set of Sunrise to explain what it was like to see tacodiles, shrimpanzees and cheespiders.

Hope to see you on this Monday morning!