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Girl struck by errant ball on golf course

Bailey Carroll Bailey Carroll

School will be different for one girl after a stray golf ball fractured her skull.

It was supposed to be a normal practice for the school's golf team. But players said someone got too close on the range and hit the girl in the head.

Now her school, Ezell-Harding Christian Academy, is taking steps to protect her.

Bailey Carroll should have been at school Thursday morning. Instead she was at home in serious pain from a hidden injury, noticeable only by the bracelet on her wrist and the Bible verse on her bandage.

"I'll probably miss the whole fall season," said Carroll. "I'll probably keep [the bracelet] on for awhile. 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'"

Carroll was at the driving range with her school team. The coach said he asked the man behind them to move forward to avoid an accident and he didn't. One quick swing and the fast-moving ball struck Carroll in the head.

"It was scary. I was scared for like six hours," said Carroll. "I don't really remember. I mean the ball had to be going 100 mph easily."

Carroll returned to Ezell-Harding Thursday afternoon with a fractured skull and internal bleeding on the brain.

For the next six weeks she will have to eat lunch with the principal and change classes at special times. They're afraid other students will make the situation worse.

"They said they don't want a locker hitting me or anything," said Carroll.

Most of the time students with serious head injuries don't lose consciousness, according to Dr. Alex Diamond.

"When in doubt, sit them out," said Diamond, a pediatrics sports medicine physician. "You really want to be cautious, no matter how minor it looked."

After any hit, parents and students need to look for the symptoms.

Those symptoms include changes in mood, balance issues, loss of memory and loss of concentration, according to Diamond.

"About 6 to 7 percent of injuries that happen on the high school level are the result of someone breaking the rules," said Diamond.

"I'll be really careful, that's for sure," said Carroll. "Playing golf, I'll be extremely careful."

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