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Jury begins deliberations in Christopher Deedy murder trial

Christopher Deedy Christopher Deedy
Janice Futa, Prosecutor Janice Futa, Prosecutor
Karl Blanke, Defense Attorney Karl Blanke, Defense Attorney
Paul Cunney, Attorney Paul Cunney, Attorney
Victor Bakke,  Attorney Victor Bakke, Attorney

The jury in the Christopher Deedy murder trial began deliberating a verdict Thursday afternoon, shortly after attorneys for the prosecution and defense concluded their closing arguments. 

State Department Special Agent Christopher Deedy has been on trial since July 8. The 29-year-old from Arlington, Va. is accused of shooting and killing Kollin Elderts at a McDonald's restaurant.

Prosecuting Attorney Janice Futa called Deedy nothing more than "a bully with a badge" but said that jurors needed to consider the facts in the case, ignoring personal feelings for either the defendant or Elderts.

"Whether you personally think one of these types of people is better than the other, it doesn't matter," said Futa. "Whether you think a loud and obnoxious kid deserves what he got, you have to put that aside."

Futa concluded her closing argument by pointing out to the jury that second-degree murder, the crime for which Deedy has been charged, does not require motive or premeditation.

"The state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not act in self defense," said Futa.

Deedy's defense attorneys, though, disputed that claim in their own closing statements.

"There is no doubt that Special Agent Christopher Deedy shot and killed Kollin Elderts. No one disputes that," said attorney Karl Blanke. "But that does not mean he murdered Mr. Elderts."

Blanke argued that not only was Deedy justified in shooting Elderts, but that video evidence shows he attempted to restrain himself by removing his hand from his pistol holster after having reassessed the situation he was involved in.

"Once deadly force is used against him personally, he gets up and still does not draw his weapon," said Blanke. "He warns about the use of deadly force. He threatens it in an attempt to get Kollin Elderts to stop."

After Prosecutor Futa completed her rebuttal, the judge repeated several instructions and excused the jury to begin their deliberations.

Prosecutors say Deedy was intoxicated and inexperienced. Deedy says he was acting in self-defense and protecting others from an aggressive Elderts.

Deedy had been bar-hopping with friends after arriving in Honolulu to help provide security for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. He ended up in the fast-food eatery because his friend was craving chicken nuggets. That's where Deedy and Elderts got into an altercation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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