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Oahu photographer pleads for return of stolen memory card

Marlowe Gungab Marlowe Gungab
The stolen camera The stolen camera
Jose Domingo Jose Domingo
Arlyne Takiue Arlyne Takiue
Judith Damaso Judith Damaso

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A McCully family in mourning is now heartbroken over stolen memories. The photographer they hired for a funeral had his expensive camera swiped. Marlowe Gungab snapped about 500 pictures during the two-day memorial service, but someone took his pricey Canon camera and memory card while he was at another gig this past weekend.

"I suddenly remembered there was footage of my friend's dad's funeral and that's when it hit me. I felt really sick," said Gungab.

The theft happened on Saturday night at Rumours Night Club in the Ala Moana Hotel. Gungab served as the photographer at a friend's birthday party. Since he was also a guest, he ate and mingled in the private area.

"When I set down the camera, I figured it's safe and everybody knew who I was, and next thing you know, I was invited to go to the dance floor," recalled Gungab. "Come back and I noticed my camera was gone."

He filed a police report and broke the bad news to relatives of Jose Domingo. Photos of the 81-year-old's funeral were on the same memory card.

"That's the only photos that we have of my dad's funeral because everybody else was so busy," said Domingo's daughter, Arlyne Takiue.

"My first feeling was just anger. I couldn't understand how someone could just steal something that didn't belong to them," said Domingo's granddaughter, Judith Damaso.

The family planned to share the photos with relatives in the Philippines who couldn't attend the service.

"These are the last moments my grandmother had with her husband, our family together, and something like this cannot be replaced," said Damaso.

They just want the memory card back, no questions asked.

"I know the camera is worth over $3,000, but the memory card -- the content that's in it of my friend's dad's funeral -- is more valuable," Gungab said.

Gungab has been checking pawn shops and Craigslist. He is hoping that the memory card will be turned in to him or the police station. Gungab's phone number is 285-3845.

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