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Campbell High teachers complain of hot classrooms

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

When the sun beats down on Campbell High School, being inside the Ewa Beach school's classrooms that have no air conditioning is even more uncomfortable than being outside.

"Inside my classroom it was 93 degrees yesterday," teacher Brandy Davis said.

That's five degrees above the posted high of 88. She said many days are sweltering, sticky and uncomfortable.

"Try to imagine teaching in a sauna," said teacher Corey Rosenlee.

Davis said teachers and students are wilting under the heat.

"Students come in and they're lethargic. They're tired, and it's really difficult for them to concentrate," she said.

She bought seven fans for her French class, but all they blow on students is hot air.

"Some of them will just put their heads down," Rosenlee said. "As a good teacher you're doing your best to engage your students, and yet this is something that is so out of your control."

Before Rosenlee moved into one of Campbell's 40 air conditioned classrooms, he was in one of the 98 that have no AC, small windows, and very little ventilation.

"That's an old high school built in 1961," said Ray L'Heureux, Department of Education Assistant Superintendent for School Facilities and Support Services.

He said Campbell is number eight on a list of 25 older campuses he's prioritized for air conditioning. The first four have gotten their AC, some are in the process, while others like Campbell are waiting. L'Heuruex said money is tight and air conditioning is folded in with other capitol improvement projects.  He will re-examine Campbell's situation.

"If that means we can bring in portable units that will keep that building cool, then we can do that. If we can institute a ceiling fan program real quick, then we can do that," he said.

With nearly 3,000 students Campbell is the biggest high school in the state.

"The heat is compounded and exasperated by the fact that you've got 35 students in a classroom, in a small space, so that makes it even hotter," Davis said.

Some of Campbell's teachers plan to put the heat on lawmakers. They will rally next month at the State Capitol. Rosenlee is urging teachers from other hot campuses to join them.

Here is the current A/C Priority List

1.  Kamehameha III (Lahaina)
2.  Kihei (Kihei)
3.  Lokelani Intermediate (Kihei)
4.  Pohakea
5.  Hickam
6.  Ewa Beach
7.  Ililma Intermediate
8.  Campbell High
9.  Aikahi
10.  Maili
11.  Kamaile
12.  Kaimiloa
13.  Nimitz
14.  Mokulele
15.  Pearl Harbor-Kai
16.  Lehua
17.  Waimalu
18.  Aliamanu
19.  Aliamanu Intermediate
20.  Waipahu High
21.  Ewa
22.  Barbers Point
23.  Waipahu Intermediate
24.  Pearl Harbor
25.  Ahrens 

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