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Longs Drugs starts carding people buying nail polish remover

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Acetone, the main ingredient in removing nail polish, is now on the list of items kids cannot buy at Longs Drug Stores. Longs, which is owned by CVS, is the first in the state to make the rule change. So get your ID ready just for buying a $2 bottle of nail polish remover.

For many girls Painting their nails is a regular routine.

"It's something I like to do like if I see a pretty nail polish I'll do it," said Makena Somerset, 12 years old.

But buying the nail polish remover just got more difficult. Kids younger than 18 can't buy it at all and adults will be carded at all Long's Drugs stores. There are almost as many opinions as there are nail polish colors.

"She's in high school she can't buy nail polish remover? I think that's absurd," said Kate Somerset, as she stood outside Longs with her two daughters.

"I don't really think it's fair but if it's going to help prevent people from making meth I guess I'm fine with pulling out my ID," said Dylan Somerset, 20 years old.

"I think it is a big deal because it keeps the people safe," said Janice, Downtown Honolulu resident.

We were in line behind Susanah Cui who was buying nail polish remover. Checking her state ID did take more than a minute, but she didn't mind. It was actually flattering.

"I told her, Oh my God I feel so young, she's asking to see my ID," said Susanah Cui, 64, Downtown Honolulu resident.

The signs on the shelf under the nail polish remover products say, "Please help us protect our community!" It goes on to say acetone can be used to make methamphetamine which is why they may also limit how much of it you can buy. The CVS sign says its state law although no law in Hawaii requires stores to check id for acetone.

"It would be annoying. Can you buy the little pads that already have the nail polish remover in them?" asked Makena Somerset.

Good question? We went back inside and tried. The presoaked pads did not require an ID. But the all in one kits still did require identification.

"What's next? It's frustrating," said Kate Somerset.

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