TAGUMAWatch Facebook page being renamed

The popular TAGUMAWatch Facebook page is getting a new name in hopes of ending a growing feud with Maui County officials.

The page is currently named after Maui police officer Keith Taguma, who is known for issuing tickets. It currently has more than 12,000 "likes" on Facebook and has evolved into a place for people to report accidents and speed traps.

Recently, though, the page's creators were investigated for allegedly harassing Taguma. They say they plan to change the page's name, and are asking for suggestions.

Below is a statement released on the TAGUMAWatch Facebook page:

Aloha Friends,

As you know the TAGUMAWatch operation was targeted for investigation last week by the County of Maui for possible claims of harassment. Both sides were being poised to evaluate the use of the "nuclear" option as thousands of you came to stand behind us in solidarity. Over the period of this past weekend a Peace Summit was held at Camp Kawika. A great amount of determination and endless streams of words brought about the TAGUMAWatch Peace Accords. The Page's Chief Administrator referred to the difficult negotiations as a "tightrope", acknowledging that he and other principals had to overcome "mountains of challenges, chasms of fear" to travel the uncharted road. During some frustrating hours of talks, when it looked as if an agreement were a lifetime away he said, "an impasse became an opportunity."

The culmination of the negotiation efforts represented a promise to the users of the page particularly the residents of Maui who look to the page for live-local-and late breaking information to continue with serving the "higher moral purpose" the page has now become. That being said, the fundamental shift in the page has no longer been about Officer Keith Taguma as you may have already noticed. Therefore, plans are currently underway to find a more appropriate name for our page. A lot of you have made various suggestions such as, MauiWatch, MauiWatchNow, IslandWatch , etc. If you have a thoughtful suggestion you want us to consider, please do so in the comments below.

Finally, we want to thank you all again for your continued support and look forward to keeping our momentum alive as the Top Facebook Page on Maui.

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