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Kapiolani Medical Center teaches Power of PURPLE for crying babies

Kelly Holden; New mom Kelly Holden; New mom
Lisa Dau; Kapiolani Nurse Educator Lisa Dau; Kapiolani Nurse Educator

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now)- Kapiolani Medical Center is now sending new parents home with a DVD and lessons to cope with crying babies.

New mom Kelly Holden says it would have come in handy for her eldest son. He had colic and she felt helpless. I would feel like why won't you just stop crying" says Holden. "I would get so frustrated."

The DVD informs parents about the so-called "Purple Period." That's the first 5 months of life when crying can be overwhelming.

Purple stands for Peak of crying, Unexpected, Resists soothing, Pain-like face, Long lasting, Evening.

"He'd be crying and screaming" explains Holden. "You're rocking him and you don't know why they're crying and you're like why isn't this working? Why isn't he calming down?

Kapiolani Nurse Educator Lisa Dau says, " Any mom who's had a baby can identify it was really stressful having a crying baby and thinking what am I doing wrong and what's wrong with my baby? The message is all babies cry worldwide."

The message is that it's normal for healthy babies to cry a lot in their first five month of life. The DVD explains what you can do to sooth your little one.

And, if nothing seems to comfort them, it's okay to put your baby in a safe place like a crib and take a moment.

Dau warns, "Never shake a baby. That's not a way to help a baby stop crying."

Holden adds, "Remember that you're a good mom and good dad, the baby sometimes needs to cry. It's just a helpful reassurance seeing other babies crying and it's like ok, it's not just me."

Along with the DVD, 10-page booklet and guidance from nurses, Kapiolani also incorporates the Purple period into its parenting classes.

To learn more, visit PURPLEcrying.info or call the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome at (801) 447-9360.

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