Hawaii man sentenced to jail for snipping dog leg

John Jenkins
John Jenkins

HONOLULU (AP) - A Hawaii man who says he used scissors to amputate his dog's injured leg has been sentenced to a year of probation and 60 days in jail.

The Honolulu prosecutor's office says a jury found 54-year-old John Jenkins guilty of animal cruelty. The judge who sentenced him Friday also ordered him not to own any pets during his probation.

Jenkins says he didn't mean to harm the Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix named Volcano Dog. He says he fashioned a splint using a Popsicle stick when a heavy-set friend accidentally stepped on the dog's leg last year.

Jenkins says the dog chewed through the splint and chewed his paw. So Jenkins used a pair of scissors to amputate the injured limb.

He says he regrets his "self-veterinarian antics."

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