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Day 20: Defense rests as prosecution finishes cross-examination

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Special Agent Christopher Deedy's turn on the witness stand during his own murder trial came to an end on Thursday, with his defense team resting their case hours after prosecutors resumed and then finished their cross examination.

On Wednesday, Deedy finished testifying in his defense and prosectors began their cross examination, specifically asking the State Department agent why he didn't leave before the scuffle.

Questioning began on Thursday with specifics pertaining to the U.S. State Department's policy on consuming alcohol on or before being on duty, and whether or not Deedy would have been under the jurisdiction of such policy on the night Kollin Elderts was shot.

Prosecutors again asked Deedy whether his actions prior to the shooting escalated the altercation between he and Elderts.

"I was not trying to escalate the situation," said Deedy. "My response was escalated by his response and his threats to me."

For the first time since cross-examination began, Deedy was grilled on specifics involving the physical altercation between he and Kollin Elderts, as well as the role the altercation between Shane Medeiros and Adam Gutowski played on the situation.

After he was tackled by Elderts, Deedy says, he regained his footing and was forced to make a judgment call.

"We stood there, I was in fear for Adam's life, I was in fear for my life," Deedy said. "I was on the brink of making a decision of whether or not to use deadly force. It was a moment I've dreaded from the start of my career."

Prosecutors also asked Deedy whether or not he intended to kill Elderts when he fired his weapon.

"I intended to stop the threat," said Deedy. "I knew that those shots could kill him."

Prosecuting attorneys pressed Deedy several times as to whether or not he believed leaving or sitting next to Michael Perrine, who the defense says was the first person involved in a verbal encounter with Elderts on November 5, 2011, would have been preferred to using deadly force.

"That was not an option," Deedy said. "I considered what I did was protecting Mr. Perrine. Not by sitting, but by directly addressing the threat."

Court officials announced Thursday afternoon that closing arguments in the trial would begin Thursday, August 15. 

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