Civilian Honored for Merit

Civilian Honored for Merit

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kent Thompson was presented with the Civilian Certificate of Merit by the Honolulu Police Department Wednesday for his actions on May 8.

That day started like any other for Thompson, until he saw a helicopter falling from the sky in downtown Honolulu.

"It landed right in front of us, I looked at my wife and went WHOOAAA" said Thompson after the ceremony.

"I knew something was wrong, I knew they needed help so I actually sped up to catch up to the helicopter so I wouldn't have to run as far" he continued.

Thompson was able to help out the passenger, 71-year old Karl Hedberg.

"He was stuck in the cockpit, I broke open part of the cockpit, I helped him out".

Thompson not only rescued Hedberg, but a memento as well.

"I grabbed a photograph that he took, I thought that was important to him...come to find out, that was the last photograph they took before it went down".

While Thompson's bravery earned him the certificate, he thinks the real hero is someone else, the helicopter pilot, Julia Link.

"To me it was amazing what that pilot did, she threaded that needle coming down".

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