Changes coming to DMV

Changes coming to DMV

A trip to the DMV is never a pleasant one, but Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is hoping to change that.

The Mayor introduced two new innovations at the Koolau DMV Tuesday.

The first is a new feature on the website that tells users which forms they need to bring in to the DMV to satisfy identification requirements.

"When they come down here, they go to the triage desk, they get confirmed, they go right to get a number and hope to the counter quickly" said Caldwell.

Without this feature in the past, customers would often bring stacks of forms to the DMV for employees to sift through.  Now the process will be streamlined

The second innovation is a new software system that will assign a number for customers.  This will eliminate the need for people to physically stand in line and wait their turn.

"What we really want to see happen is that if you pull a number and you see your number isn't going to come up any time soon, maybe run next door and order a Hawaiian plate lunch" added Caldwell.

People can attend to other simple tasks such as using the restroom or refilling a parking meter if needed.

This feature is a one-year pilot program, available at the Koolau DMV only.  If it is found to be effective, it could be expanded.

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