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Vehicle Safety Inspection Stickers to get Upgrade

Sheri Kajiwara Sheri Kajiwara

Sheri was a victim.  Three months ago, the safety inspection sticker was stolen off her husband's car.

"We just bought the car and someone mentioned to him the sticker was missing off his car and he came home and said what do I do?" said Sheri.

That's a good question.   And how can these types of thefts be prevented?  Also, what is the state doing to deter the crimes?

Hawaii News Now sought answers to all of them, and the person with the answer…..was Sheri.

Sheri Kajiwara, the Director of the Department for Customer Services, was a victim of a crime she's trying to help prevent.

Fortunately, Kajiwara is in the know when it comes to what the state is doing to deter sticker theft.

In the next few months, the whole system will go electronic.

"Right now as you know we use carbon paper and everyone gets their carbon paper, well with this reporting system, the stations will input the completed safety check information right into the system" she said.

Additionally, each sticker will have the corresponding car's license plate number on it.

While these measures are hi-tech, Sheri isn't against using a decidedly low-tech theft deterrent measure: scoring the stickers with a razor.

"It's not in our manual to tell people to cut up their sticker, but I know people do that, and I think that's what my husband did".


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