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Pro Bowl undergoes changes for 2014 game

NEW YORK  - This isn't your fathers Pro Bowl. Or last years Pro Bowl for that matter.

The NFL announced significant changes for next February's contest that will be held at the Aloha Stadium, all for the sake of reviving its annual all-star game.

For starters, the rosters will no longer have conference affiliations, meaning say Aloha to the AFC vs. NFC format that has been in place since 1971.

The NFL Pro Bowl rosters for next year will be selected in a draft by team captains, with Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice assisting as alumni captains.

The league says Wednesday that fan voting will determine the players in the draft pool. The draft will be televised by the NFL Network on Jan. 22. The game will be played Jan. 26 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Among other changes:

• A two-minute warning will be added to the first and third quarters in addition to the traditional rule in the second and fourth quarters. Possession also will change hands after each quarter.

• Defenses will be allowed to play Cover 2 and press coverage. In the past, only man coverage had been allowed, except for goal-line situations.

• Changes will be made to the game clock during the two-minute warning, with the clock stopping if the offense doesn't gain at least 1 yard, in order to encourage offenses to try to gain yardage at the end of each quarter.

• In addition, the clock will start after an incomplete pass on the signal of the game referee except during the two-minute warnings and the final five minutes of the game.

• The game will use a 35-second/25-second play clock instead of the traditional 40-second/25-second clock.

• Also, the game clock will not stop on sacks of the quarterback, outside of the game's final two minutes.

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