Local Connection: King Street Garage

Local Connection: King Street Garage

By: Rick Blangiardi

It's time to write another chapter on bungling government bureaucracy.

As investigative reporter Keoki Kerr reported, a $20 million parking garage on King Street that opened in November just a few blocks from city hall sits virtually empty even though parking is at a premium in the area.

On a recent afternoon, out of 400 stalls there were only seven cars parked in the garage.

Why? Because federal money is being used for the parking garage, it can only be used for uses related to traffic, transportation or transit.

That cuts out all city workers except for police dispatchers. The city workers have to park at the Blaisdell center and there is a 200-person waiting list for parking lots that are closer.

Meantime, many hpd employees have no place to park and could use the parking garage. But they need federal approval.

Wouldn't it make sense for the federal government just to allow the use of the stalls in the meantime until a new traffic management building next door opens in a couple of years.

C'mon. The feds got to get their act together on this one.

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