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The dangers of work related stress

Are you stressed?  Who isn't these days? For a lot of us there is pressure at home and even more pressure to work hard, long hours in what is still a shaky job market.

According to the American Institute of Stress, work expectations and the perception that we have little control over those demands remains the nations number one cause of stress.

So how do we go about handling that stress?

"Stress at work is really something that we don't have much freedom to change," says Dr. Mladen Golubic of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.

But Dr. Golubic also points out that all hope is not lost and you have two options, "One option would be that we change the job, the other one would be that we learn how to respond to that chronic stress."

Changing jobs is a limited option, so the majority of workers must learn to deal with stress or risk what's called Chronic Work Stress, and that has been tied to an increase rate of high blood pressure and even heart attack. 

First, according to Dr. Golubic, you have to recognize chronic stress and then find what works best for you because there is no one size fits all stress buster. Exercise, a hobby, the right diet, your pets, whatever gives you a sense of peace, will help alleviate stress.

"With this practice, we develop this inner reserve of energy that kind of enables us to really not sweat the little things and we are able to focus on the big things and be more productive and more effective in whatever we do," Dr. Golubic said.

Short term, while on the job, the doctor suggests, taking some deep breaths, or simply smile, and you will release a little of that stress.

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