Flossie Fizzles: Recapping The Storm on Sunrise

Good morning, Sunrisers!

Flossie fizzles. There were parts of the state that got a soaking. The lightning was so loud on Maui that it set off car alarms according to our viewers. There are still power outages on Maui. We have team coverage. Lisa Kubota will be live from Maui and Ben Gutierrez is live on the Big Island. We'll have the latest on the effects of the storm and when it will clear out of here.

The suspected murderer of Mary Beth San Juan will appear in court today. Vernon Baker was arrested over the weekend after being picked up at the Ala Moana Shopping Center. We'll have the latest on the investigation.

Life after Flossie. We'll have our usual segments back today including "what's trending" and our "caption this" contest. We'll also try out something new. We are calling it "Facebook Free for All". Our viewers ask us questions via our Hawaii News Now Facebook page. Ian Scheuring, our social media guy will choose them and pass them to us.

Hope to see you!