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Oahu residents gear up for Flossie

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For the most part, Oahu experienced a calm before the storm Sunday.

There weren't long lines at the gas station or stores running out of inventory, but there were a few residents who decided to take some early precautions..

Ryan Kirby has kept his boat docked at Kewalo Basin for the past two tsunami warnings.

Each time, he's made the necessary adjustments to keep the vessel in shape.

With Tropical Storm Flossie on the way, the plan is no different.

"I have some big green awnings," Kirby said. "I'm going to take those off, so the wind doesn't push me around a little bit. I'm going to put out all my fenders and tighten up my lines a little bit."

When a storm hits, he's one of thousands of boat owners across the state who may be impacted and have to deal with drastic tide changes.

Kirby is tying up his boat to the dock, but the Coast Guard advises taking the vessels out of the water entirely.

"We also do internal training within the Coast Guard, so that we can respond, but we're not always going to be able to respond," said United States Coast Guard petty officer Melissa McKenzie.  "Sometimes the weather is our enemy and we're not able to get to you. That's why it's important for mariners to be prepared."

Throughout the basin, several boating businesses are already preparing and have decided to shut down operations through at least tomorrow.

Back on land, some residents chose to stock up now at stores and beat the impending flood of customers.

Storm or no storm, it's better to be safe than sorry.

"It's always important to prepare for the worst," McKenzie said.  "Definitely hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."


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