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Maui Mayor urges residents to prepare for Flossie

WAILUKU, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Maui County is officially in emergency preparation mode in anticipation of Tropical Storm Flossie. Maui County officials are asking that residents conserve water Monday, as Tropical Storm Flossie hits the Hawaiian islands first thing that morning.

Water should be used for health and sanitation purposes only as a precaution in case water and/or wastewater systems fail. All other uses should be delayed until after the storm passes. 

The county's Emergency Operations Center was activated at 7 a.m. Sunday. All county facilities will be closed Monday in anticipation of the storm. This means that all county parks and offices, including Division of Motor Vehicle and Licensing offices and satellite offices, will be closed on Monday. Automated trash pick-up will operate as usual. 

Also, those camping at county beach parks are being evacuated today. Camping will be prohibited at all beach parks until further notice. 

The Maui Bus system will operate on its regular schedule tomorrow. However riders should be aware that there could be changes to routes depending upon the severity of the storm. The Maui Bus system could come to a complete halt if weather conditions cause the roads to become unsafe.

Please note that Maui Civil Defense sirens also will not be sounding for this storm event, as sirens are only used for tsunami and hurricanes. The public is urged to prepare for this storm by preparing emergency kits, food, water and fuel, and by securing home and property against heavy rains and high winds. The U.S. Coast Guard also asks boat owners to check moorings and secure vessels. 

"Tropical storms can cause tremendous damage to our community," said Mayor Alan Arakawa. "Residents need to prepare for the high winds, heavy rains and powerful surf that this kind of storm system can bring. Use this time wisely so that we can avoid the mad last-minute rush to gas stations and grocery stores that we often see." 

Mayor Alan Arakawa issued this statement:

"Aloha, this is Mayor Alan Arakawa. The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for Tropical Storm Flossie as of 11 p.m. , Saturday, July 27, for Maui County."

This Tropical Storm Warning means that the storm system is expected to hit land within 36 hours."

Please stay tuned to this radio station, television news and other media sources of information for the latest developments. In the meantime prepare your emergency kits and secure your home and property against heavy rains and high winds."

Make sure you have enough food and water and fuel for several days in case you are unable to leave your home during the storm. The U-S Coast Guard also asks boat owners to check your moorings and secure your vessel."

Repeat, a Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for Maui County. Please stay tuned for more information from state and county civil defense officials. Be prepared and stay safe. Aloha."

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