Waikiki sidewalk in disrepair just steps from convention center

Barbara Ferguson
Barbara Ferguson
Tom Miller
Tom Miller

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Waikiki woman said she's still waiting for the city to fix a sidewalk that's in disrepair just steps from the Hawaii Convention Center, two months after a city official told her a work order was being processed for repairs.

The makai side of the sidewalk along the Kalakaua Avenue bridge is pock-marked with holes and ruts.

Barbara Ferguson – who has lived in Waikiki for 28 years -- walks this bridge every day and she called Hawaii News Now, frustrated by the problems there.

"Here we are with the rebars showing.  It's clear down to where the rebars are," Ferguson said.

The sidewalk along the bridge, which opened in 1929, has decayed so much that rebar is showing on part of it while other areas have holes and ruts going a couple of inches deep.

Besides looking shabby and broken down just steps away from the convention center, the sidewalk is also potentially dangerous.

"They're going to catch their toe in it and over they're going to go and they're gonna end up suing the city.  And of course that comes out of we taxpayers' money.  So I just think it ought to be fixed," Ferguson said.

Bicyclist Tom Miller -- a part-time Waikiki resident -- shared Ferguson's concerns.

"You've got trip and fall that could occur here.  It's a very tight, narrow area for pedestrians and bicyclists to get through here," Miller said.

Ferguson, 79, said she started calling the city and state about the problem more than six months ago.  She was finally sent to a city complaint line, and was happy to receive a phone message from a city inspector about two months ago.

"We took a look at the bridge area, we're sending a request to the Department of Facility Maintenance for them to schedule work along that side of Kalakaua Avenue," said the inspector on a voicemail left on Ferguson's phone.

"That's been two months ago and we still have the big pukas in the sidewalk," Ferguson said.

The city is still trying to track down for Hawaii News Now which city department is handling the case: whether Facility Maintenance crews will do a repair job in house or the project is a larger one that will require the city to hire a contractor for more extensive repairs.  The city could not immediately provide an estimate on when these repairs will happen or how much they will cost.

In the meantime, Ferguson worried people who use this sidewalk could get hurt.

"Most of the people are looking down the Ala Wai. They're not looking down at all those pukas. It's just an accident waiting to happen," Ferguson said.

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