Special needs Honolulu boy burned by careless disposal of charcoal at Ala Moana

Special needs Honolulu boy burned by careless disposal of charcoal at Ala Moana

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The hands of a Honolulu boy with special needs are badly burned because someone left hot charcoals at Ala Moana Beach Park.

5-year old Kellan Lee's summer fun with his family ended in the ER after he uncovered hot charcoals disguised in the dirt under a tree at the park.

His mom Kelly says he, "Stuck hands right in. He was screaming and his hands were red."

His hands were badly burned and blistered, by smoldering coals left behind from a barbecue in the park beside McCoy Pavilion.

"I was just mad. Just mad, Who does that? Who does that to kids?" asked Lee, choking back tears.

ER Doctors told Lee it was the second time in days that a child was burned by charcoal.

City and County rules state "ashes and charcoal shall not be deposited near trees, plants, or anywhere on the ground. Live charcoal shall be deposited only in ash disposal receptacles where provided, or in refuse containers after the charcoal is completely extinguished."

We found more charcoal dumped at the base of another tree nearby despite two receptacles within 100-yards of where Lee was injured. One, with charcoals left on the ground right beside it.

Lee urges common sense and courtesy. "If you light a match, you make sure it's out before you walk away. Don't assume it's not going to cause major damage to the next person who walks by because it can and does obviously."

Kellan had to sleep with his hands in cold water all night. "If he woke up, his hands would start shaking and he would cry" explains his mom.

He's special needs, with a heart condition and doesn't sense danger. Now, his mom has another concern at a place that used to be care-free. "Every time I go, he's going to try to dig in the sand and I'm going to be like wait let me dig there first" says Lee.

Kellan's in much better shape and spirits today, but infections are a concern and he may need reconstructive surgery, based on how he heals.

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