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Is murder suspect an East Cleveland resident?

Michael Madison, suspect in East Cleveland bodies case Michael Madison, suspect in East Cleveland bodies case

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek has learned more about the suspect arrested in connection to the three bodies found in East Cleveland in the last two days.

According to police, Michael Madison is a registered sex offender, which means that he would have had to register his address, so how was he able to avoid investigators?

Madison tells sheriff's deputies he lives on Chickasaw in Cleveland but the bodies were found miles away in East Cleveland.

Court records show the only address we see for Madison was his mother's house on Chickasaw.

Police arrested him there.

As a sex offender, he is supposed to keep checking in with deputies and deputies say they also periodically check to make sure a convict is living where he says he is.

A neighbor says Madison has been seen around his mother's house but there's no way to know right now if he actually lived there or how often he stayed there.

Madison plead guilty to attempted rape in 2002 and struck a deal for a four year sentence.

Otherwise he's had a few drug convictions.

As far as where he lived--remember serial killer Anthony Sowell kept registering his address yet he killed 11 women.

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