Local Connection: Car Booting in Hawaii

By: Rick Blangiardi

Finally, Car Booting in Hawaii is illegal. Nobody can clamp a boot on a vehicle according to a bill passed through the state legislature, not even HPD.

The practice was sleazy. Someone would park in a lot, leave for a few minutes, find a boot on their car and would be forced to pay a couple of hundred dollars to get the boot removed. The booter didn't have to do much except to follow the driver to the nearest ATM to collect the money.

What's worse, the practice was unregulated. Companies could charge $166 for the boot to be removed or $366.

Nodody wants their car towed but to have it booted in such a short period of time with no recourse was maddening. Legislators and the state attorney general were right to target it as illegal.

Car booting companies says towing will be more expensive for violators because they will have to get to the tow yard and pay for much higher towing fees.

We disagree. Unless booting fines are capped at a much lower rate, say $25, the practice should be gone for good.

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