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Local Connection: Hawaii Business Climate Study

By: Rick Blangiardi

Hawaii finished last in a new CNBC business climate study and this really shouldn't surprise us.

Last year Hawaii finished 49 out of 50 states and in various studies about business throughout the year, we are always near or at the bottom.

Nothing new. Tax rates are sky high. The cost of doing business and living here is astronomical. Infrastructure is horrendous.

Just look at the roads and sewers. We are also criticized for our transportation, economy, education and technology. Plus we are not exactly friendly to business.

We cannot really compete on cost. Gas, food, electricity and other essentials are just too expensive.

But we did get high marks for quality of life, where we rank at the very top. We have a low crime rate, a diverse and healthy population and, as Guy Hagi likes to say, the best weather on the planet.

We always hear that there's a price to living in paradise. But it would be nice to do more for business and for one of these rankings, one of these days, to show that this is a great place not just to live but that we can also be the envy of business climates everywhere.

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