Local Connection: Criteria for the next UH president

By: Rick Blangiardi

The University of Hawaii Board of Regents presidential committee is hard at work setting criteria for the next leader of the state system.

It is imperative that the regents get the selection right and they have recommended adding to their seven-member regent committee five others who can assist them from the student, faculty and administrative ranks.

Among the criteria already set, the regents want someone who has an understanding of Hawaii, including its culture and diversity, has been a successful fundraiser and has to be comfortable with public accountability.

Fair enough, but one of the criteria was interesting.

The next president is to appreciate the strength and unifying power of the UH athletics program but must recognize the "potential moral and financial hazards" that could occur.

It's clear the Stevie Wonder blunder is weighing heavily on the regents.

But rather than set forth the potential for future disaster, why not find the best available leader with the integrity, honesty and character to put people in place who recognize that it wasn't the sports program that was at fault but rather those who were entrusted to safeguard its reputation.

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