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Local Connection: UH Sports on Hawaii News Now

By: Rick Blangiardi

I have a long love affair with the State of Hawaii and its people. But like a lot of you there is a special place in my heart for University of Hawaii football.

Without laying out my coaching credentials and broadcast history with the sport, I support the program with all my heart. i care about the players, the coaches and the fans. In fact, i care about everyone associated with our state sport.

In the job i now have as general manager of Hawaii News Now and the shared resources of KBMB, KHNL and KFVE, the best way I can now contribute to the program is to make sure that University of Hawaii support gets the best-televised presence to the most people.

In comments I made to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser recently, I proposed that we would do all we could to get the University of Hawaii sports programs back under our television umbrella.

Maybe it's boastful, but I believe in the broadcast excellence of Hawaii News Now and uh sports needs to be back home on KFVE, where it's been all along with KHNL since Stan Sheriff and I put our local sports plan together in 1984. In 2011, the contract went another way.

We'd like it back. Its good business for us and it will be good television for all those who love UH sports the way I do. As they say in the TV biz, I will have more updates when they become available.

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