Local Connection: Memorial Day Change

By: Rick Blangiardi

Another Memorial Day has come and gone but for some, the last Monday in May means just another three-day weekend.

US Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, carrying on the efforts of the late US Sen. Daniel Inouye, wants Memorial Day to be permanently celebrated on May 30, so that those who died in battle can be honored with their own special day.

The holiday was originally celebrated on May 30 until congress changed the date in 1968.

Hanabusa's bill would switch back to the original date so that the more than 1 million Amercians who died in combat can be respectfully remembered.

Cynics might think there are more important issues for a US congresswoman to be tackling and there are probably right. But this is important too, as many veterans and their families can attest.

We too often take for granted those who fight and die for the freedoms we enjoy and as one army combat veteran said, "there is nothing happy about memorial day."

He is right. Take a drive around town during Memorial Day and you will see very few American flags being raised at homes and businesses.

Raising a flag doesn't make you more patriotic but it's a sign of respect.

Sen. Inouye introduced the same measure to change the date of Memorial Day every year since 1989. It never passed and Hanabusa may never be successful. But she's to be commended for trying.

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