Local Connection: Name Change - Rainbow Warriors

By: Rick Blangiardi

I think it only fair to acknowledge Ben Jay, Athletics Director at UH for reversing his previous decision last week regarding the team's name for the men's athletic teams from Warrior's to Rainbow Warriors.

I believe Ben's decision is a good indication of his intentions going forward in wanting to do what is in the best interest of UH fans, while also winning back the hearts and spirit of the many people who strongly and emotionally supported naming the men's programs Rainbow Warriors!

Ben, thank you for this genuine and courageous gesture.

To all the pathetic, homophobic idiots who hide behind phony names on their blogs, who took the time to write their shallow, hateful thoughts regarding their interpretation of calling the men's teams Rainbow Warriors, all I can say is buy a ticket, and get with the program. You don't know what you are talking about!

We live in a very special place on this planet, surrounded by incredible beauty, immersed in a proud cultural history, and blessed with the most generous and caring people I have ever known. Respect this place, and all that is uniquely ours.

I have been associated and supported the UH football program for nearly 50 years...as a player, coach, announcer and broadcaster.

Today, I am just a guy who sits in the stands and cheers on the team.

During all these years, I have witnessed firsthand, great coaches, great players, great fans and many great wins while the team's name was proudly called, the Rainbows!

Here's to a proud and rich history, destined for a great future. GO BOWS!"

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