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"Bloody mattresses" disgust Oahu lodging guests

Danielle Paustian Danielle Paustian
KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Paustian family got their orders from the Army to move from Schofield Barracks to Texas. The movers picked up their things so they decided to stay at the Cabanas at Kaneohe Bay until they flew out. But they made a disgusting discovery. They felt their complaint wasn't taken serious enough so they contacted HawaiiNewsNow.

They're not little stains but the pictures taken by the Paustian's show big dark red blemishes some that soaked through the mattress.

"I was in shock of what I was seeing," said Danielle Paustian, who stayed with her family at the Cabanas at Kaneohe Bay from June 27 through July 7.

Their three year old daughter is potty training and had an accident in bed. Danielle took off the sheets only to find what she was certain was blood from previous guests.

"110 percent," said Paustian. 

She took the sheets off the other bed in the room and found it had stains too. They were nauseated knowing they had already slept on them for three nights and angry because they say there was no way for a housekeeper to miss those stains.

"One of the explanations that was given to us is that they've known people to cut up fish on the beds. But for me I would think it would be a little more obvious with some of the things that were on there, like smells. But at the same time if it was that it does not excuse the management treating their facilities like that and subjecting people to that kind of condition," said Paustian.

She worried it could be a crime scene so she called Military Police, but says they never took a report.

"With most crimes things go unreported. I just don't feel like the Police Department or the lodging were taking it serious. There are about a million scenarios that have gone through my head after witnessing that," said Paustian. "I took the pictures up to the Police Department because they wouldn't come see me. I just felt like as a human being if something had happened there that would be the one way of helping somebody."

The Marine Corps Community Services is investigating the complaint and Captain Pamela Marshall, Public Affairs Officer for the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, issued the following statement:

"Bottom line, this incident should have never happened. Cleanliness and customer service is our primary responsibility in operating the Lodge and we take it very seriously. The mattress was unacceptable and we will take action to ensure our guests receive the highest quality accommodations.

On Monday July 1st, the Cabanas staff entered room #14 to investigate and clean the room after Ms Danielle Paustian called the front desk to inform the staff of a "bloody mattress" in her room. At that time the staff determined the mattress stains did not meet our standards of appearance and cleanliness and was unacceptable. The mattress was disposed of immediately and replaced with a new mattress. The room was deep cleaned and the carpet was shampooed. The following week, all mattresses were inspected for cleanliness in the 29 Cabana rooms. Three additional mattresses were disposed of and replaced for not meeting the cleanliness standards. Over the next few weeks we are reviewing the hospitality standards for our lodging employees and reinforcing all staff to be proactive in eliminating incidents of mattress, carpet and upholstery stains."

"The base takes full responsibility for the state of the Cabana mattress. They have been replaced and all mattresses at the Cabanas have been inspected and are currently inspecting all base lodging facilities. While there is no way to prove what caused the stains, we believe the majority of those photographed were not blood. There are many liquids that cause dark stains, including red wine or grape juice. Our military police did not feel an investigation was necessary and the issue was brought to the attention of the Food and Hospitality director," wrote Capt. Marshall in a separate statement, when asked what the stains were.

"Good for them if they are taking a step up. I do appreciate that," said Paustian, after hearing the response from the Base. "Nobody should have to sleep on that. Nobody for their work environment should have to be on that either."

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