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Tempers flare at Kailua crime meeting

HPD Lt. Tasman McKee HPD Lt. Tasman McKee
Rowena Somerville Rowena Somerville
Ray Schab Ray Schab
Kulia Petzoldt Kulia Petzoldt

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Tempers flared at a meeting on Tuesday night about the growing crime problem in Kailua. An estimated 250 people gathered to demand answers from police, not far from where a man was killed last week.

"There's going to be times of frustration. I'm not going to lie to you," said Lt. Tasman McKee of the Honolulu Police Department.

Kailua residents concerned about crime showed up in force to hear from police. Some had their homes burglarized recently.

"I have an alarm. I have a dog. They didn't break through louvered windows. They got a crow bar and busted through an entire picture window and spent a good three hours in my house, went through the refrigerator, attic, every single drawer, cabinet," said Kailua resident Rowena Somerville.

Many others know someone who has been targeted by thieves.

"A woman got her safe taken out of her home at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, broad daylight," said Kailua resident Ray Schab.

"I've got a few friends that have had break-ins. One had a break-in while she and her husband were at work during the day. I have other friends who have had iPhones stolen out of strollers," said Enchanted Lake resident Kulia Petzoldt.

A homeless man was stabbed to death at Kailua District Park last Friday. Other problems include graffiti and thefts from garages. Honolulu police prepared a presentation on safety tips, such as forming a neighborhood security watch, but residents said they're already following that advice and they need other solutions. Statistics show that a small number of criminals are responsible for a majority of the crimes.

"We're just as frustrated. We catch the person, the suspect. They're arrested, they're prosecuted, they're convicted and they're released," said McKee.

"I'm a deputy attorney general and I was a deputy prosecuting attorney for almost 10 years, so I am familiar with the difficulties that the police have, the catch and release so to speak, released pending investigation,' said Somerville.

Another crime meeting will be held for families all across Windward Oahu on July 17 at 6:45 p.m. at Kailua District Park.


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