Popular job training program needs applicants

WAIMANALO - (HawaiiNewsNow) - A free program that helps low-income youth with job training is looking for new applicants. Hawaii Job Corps has two centers: one in Waimanalo and one in Makawao, Maui. Students between the ages of 16 and 24 can train in nine different trades, including automotive and business technology. There is normally a long wait to get in, but the federally-funded program is now recovering from earlier enrollment cuts.

"There was a freeze that had been going on since January where we couldn't take any new students. When they lifted that freeze in April, all of a sudden there was a push to fill the centers up," explained center director Joann Espinosa.

"When I came in, I didn't know even how to paint. I didn't know how to take off parts from cars. I fix dents. It was difficult when I first came in, but now it's a piece of cake," said automotive student Faiane Tominiko.

The students are provided with free housing, meals and medical care. They even receive a small stipend. To learn more about applying, call 259-6005.