Tonight on HNN: Eyewitness says Deedy threatened to shoot Elderts in the face

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Deedy Murder Trial        

An eyewitness to the shooting of Kollin Elderts said during testimony that Christopher Deedy's friends inflamed the situation verbally and physically.  Alexander Byrd also said he heard Deedy mumble several times to Elderts "I'm going to shoot you in the face."

Jim Mendoza has a full recap.

The Honolulu City Council is considering a pilot program that would create hygiene centers for the homeless.  Each center would include bathrooms, and access to clean water for bathing and washing.  What would the cost be?  Mileka Lincoln takes a look at a similar program in Seattle to find out.

Canadian medical examiners release the cause of death of "Glee" actor Corey Monteith.  What they said, and what they didn't, coming up at 5pm on Hawaii News Now.