Deedy Trial, Snowden Update, and Elmo in Studio!

Special Agent Christopher Deedy Trial

The question of racism is taking center stage in the Christopher Deedy murder trial, as it wraps up its first week. We'll share some of the testimony from the U.S. Special Agent who warned Deedy about racism. The implication is that his warning may have encouraged Deedy to carry a gun even when he was off-duty. We'll also bring in a race relations expert to analyze how this may sway the jury.

Tickle Me Red

Sesame Street is going live and Elmo will be in our Sunrise studio. You'll see him pop up periodically in our 6am hour. We're hoping the friendly red monster will help Dan Cooke with the weather.

Amazing Acrobatics

Aloha Live is a dinner show in Waikiki that features fire knife dancers, Tahitian dancers and jugglers. Its newest addition is an acrobatics group from China. The troupe will perform various acts on their 6 foot tall unicycle and show off their contortionist abilities. We won't be trying this and recommend you don't try it at home either! Look for them in our 7am hour on KGMB and in our 8am hour on KFVE.

By the way, Happy Aloha Friday! The Sunrise crew will be especially happy.


Grace Lee