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Internet struck by 'Sharknado'

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EARTH (RNN) – It's a question as old as time and Rod Stewart: What would happen if a quiet community was struck by a destructive vortex of violent, rotating winds and man-eating marine fish?

Cable channel Syfy decided to answer that with Sharknado, which debuted Thursday.

"I won't rest until I find the first sincere think piece about Sharknado," Buzzfeed's Louis Peitzman tweeted.

Got you covered, Louis.

Starring Tara "American Pie" Reid, John "Home Alone dad" Heard and Ian "90210's Steve Sanders" Ziering, the film hit the Twitterverse like … well, like a Sharknado, I guess.

"Hipsters are now busy telling everyone how much better the original Norwegian version of Sharknado is," Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke tweeted.

Even big-time movie star celebrities gave their experienced, sophisticated take on it.

"Omg omg OMG #sharknado," wrote actress Mia Farrow.

Basic programming's magnum opus immediately produced a whirlwind of feedback. It also gave people with enough time to sit down and watch Sharknado more stuff to fill the evening with, including blogs, gif-filled Tumblr feeds and WWE's Jim Ross calling some of the bloodier action.

It continued to be a top trend on the social medium through Friday. Twitter Data reported while it was on-air there were 1,150 Sharknado tweets for every million people in NYC; 1,300 in Massachusetts and 5,133 in Washington, DC – there's a joke there somewhere, too.

Shawn Ryan, creator behind the FX show The Shield, fell upon the sword of live-tweeting the event. He seemed to be enthralled with Reid's "acting" technique, in particular.

"Tara: What emotion do I play?

"Director: You might die.

"Play fear.


"Tara: Would you settle for my eyes being open?

"Director: Gladly."

While its latest hit may be a tough act to follow, the team behind cinematic masterpieces Piranhaconda and Arachnoquake has even more mash-up fodder to work with, thanks to "God."

"Sharknado sequels," @TheTweetofGod wrote.
Lizard Blizzard."

Craig Engler, senior executive at Syfy, wrote on Twitter Friday that the channel's massive hit brought quick follow-up action.

"There is now a #Sharknado meeting on my calendar for today. I'm not even kidding ... the invite literally says 'Sharknado Meeting,'" he tweeted.

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