Real Estate of Mind - Sustainable Homes

Real Estate of Mind - Sustainable Homes

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With more and more of us going "green" there is increased interest in sustainable homes. Realtor Linda Mensching of Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties dropped by Sunrise this morning to talk about being "sustainable" and help us get in the Real Estate of Mind. Check out video of her interview and read her bullet points below.

What are Sustainable Homes?

Sustainable Homes are just that. Homes that can function without depending on other means. Being self-sufficient. We know Solar Power is huge in Hawaii at the moment but that's just one element of a sustainable home. Sustainable homes enrich the environment.

What other elements besides Solar Power would be important to these type of homes?

These homes are about respecting the balance in nature. Sustainable homes use non-toxic renewable resources. This includes energy, water and food.  The second largest component to these homes would definitely be the ability to live off the land.   Having the ability to use what you only what need from your own backyard.

So would that be considered gardening?

Yes, but on a bigger scale and doing it responsibly.  Using natural organic methods to grow fruits and vegetables and recycling the waste.  Adding chickens for eggs to the mix and to help creating your own fertilizer.  Adding a variety of native Hawaiian plants for medicinal purposes and even Aquaponics for harvesting fish.

Linda's Listing of a Sustainable Home

1166 Aukele Street Kailua HI 96734

These home owners live off of all the fruits, herbs, vegetables and eggs from their backyard garden.  They don't need to go to the store at all.

They have chickens who lay the eggs, eat the bugs and keep the pest away and manure provide fertilizer for the garden. They have over 25 different variety of fruits, vegetables, Herbs, and Native Hawaiian Plants, and other types of things like black bamboo and bail bamboo. They have a small garden of hydroponics and Aquaponics with the fish. We'll be having an open house on Sunday, July 21 and I encourage everyone to stop out.